Camping in parks and reserves

There are many campgrounds in Northern Territory (NT) parks and reserves.

Where you can camp

Most parks and reserves in the NT have grounds set aside for camping that you can use at any time - unless they are closed due to seasonal weather.

Find out where you can camp.

Campgrounds have a range of facilities and fees.

Book and pay online

You must book and pay online for designated campsites.

You can't pay at the park.

Find out more about how to use parks booking system.

If you are ready, book now.


You must get a permit to:

If you’re entering a park to go bushwalking or camping in areas marked for that purpose, you don’t need a permit.

Setting up camp

When camping, you must:

  • camp only in marked camping areas
  • show consideration for your fellow campers.

Read more about camping safety.

What you use to secure your tent will depend on the ground you are camping on. Tent pegs may be difficult to use.

Consider also bringing one of the following:

  • nails and a hammer (10inch or 25cm long nails) or
  • small sand bags.

Last updated: 07 June 2022

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