Marine communications and radio

Marine radio safety call

Use a safety call if you need to broadcast an important safety warning - eg: you find a partly submerged object or accidentally activate your EPIRB.

Follow these steps to make a safety call:

Step 1. 'Saycure-e-tay, Saycure-e-tay, Saycure-e-tay.'
Step 2. 'Hello all stations, hello all stations, hello all stations.'
Step 3. 'This is (your name, and call sign if you have one)' - spoken three times.
Step 4. Give details of the warning or announcement you want to make.

VHF distress, urgency and safety calls can be made on channel 16. They may be continued on channel 67.

HF distress, urgency and safety calls can be made on 4125, 6215 and 8291, and they may be continued on these or changed to channels 2182, 12290 or 16420 if better reception is required.

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Last updated: 10 March 2015

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