Quick Response Places and Spaces Grant Program

If you’re a sport or active recreation organisation, you may be eligible to get funding for equipment and facility expenses or repairs.

This includes:

  • replacing stolen sport and active recreation equipment
  • repairing or replacing damaged equipment or facilities due to:
    • fire, flood, storm or criminal activity.

You can apply for up to $5,000, with a minimum of $500.

Applications are open until Wednesday 31 May 2023, or until all funding has been spent.

To be eligible, your sport or active recreation organisation must be:

  • focused on the promotion of active recreation activities for:
    • relaxation, health, wellbeing and enjoying outside of organised sport
  • based in the Northern Territory (NT)
  • currently registered as one of the following:
    • an incorporated body with Licensing NT
    • another comparable legal status
  • a not-for-profit organisation
  • compliant with Licensing NT or other relevant authority
  • the national body or the NT peak sporting body and/or active recreation organisation of an organisation (where applicable)
  • the owner of the affected property or hold a lease of at least 3 years with the owner’s approval.

You can get funding to repair or replace equipment or a facility if:

  • it was unforeseeable and not reasonable to expect your organisation to budget the costs
  • it will cause:
    • occupational health and safety implications eg. structural damage caused by storm
    • financial hardship eg. lost revenue due to inability to access or maintain facility
  • you have:
    • the NT Police report for theft and criminal activity (if applicable)
    • evidence of insurance held by the organisation or owner for stolen or damaged equipment or facility.

Before you apply, you must:

  • get quotes from service providers and include them with your application – buy local
  • not already be supported:
    • under another NT Government grant
    • by other funding in full – if partial funding, you must declare this in your application.

To apply, follow these steps:

Step 1. Read the guidelines.

Quick Response Places and Spaces Grant Program guidelines PDF (589.8 KB)
Quick Response Places and Spaces Grant Program guidelines DOCX (187.7 KB)

Step 2. Contact the Sport Infrastructure unit for advice on your application.

Step 3. Submit your application online through GrantsNT.

After you apply

Once you’ve submitted your application, you will be notified of the outcome within 2 weeks by mail or email.

If you're successful

If you’re successful, you will get a grant agreement that you must sign and return to receive your funds.

In this agreement, you must follow these terms and conditions:

If you don’t meet these terms and conditions, your funding may be withdrawn and it may be recovered as debt due.


If you need any help with your application, contact the Sport Infrastructure unit by:

Last updated: 21 September 2022

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