Vision services

This page has information on the support available at school if your child has a vision loss or impairment.

Support at school

Vision team advisors can assist if your child has a significant vision impairment to allow your child access to the curriculum on the same basis as other students.

Support is offered from birth, or as soon as your child is identified as having a vision impairment and continues through preschool, primary and secondary school.

The level of support will depend on your child's needs.

The support available includes all of the following:

  • braille production of materials and other resources in the form of equipment, tactile adaptations and large print
  • orientation and mobility services to assist your child to move safely within school and to travel independently
  • assistive technology services and an orthoptist service for functional vision assessments.

The vision resource centre is located at Mimik-ga Centre and advisors deliver services across the Northern Territory.

How to get support

Your child is eligible for support from the vision resource centre if they are blind or their corrected distance vision is worse than 6/18 and/or they have a visual field reduction to less than 20 degrees, or their near vision requires significant support for the production of alternate format materials..

Talk to your child's teacher or contact school support services by either:

Further information

For more information about vision loss or impairment, go to the Vision Australia website.

Last updated: 17 December 2018

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