Returns and refunds on goods

Fixing the problem

If you have bought an item that is faulty you may be entitled to one of the following: 

  • a refund
  • a repair
  • a replacement.

Whether you get a refund, repair or replacement depends on whether the problem is major or minor.


Major problems are those that can’t be fixed, would take too long, or are too difficult to fix.

If you have bought an item that has a major problem you can choose to:

  • return the item - you can choose a replacement or refund
  • or keep the item and get compensation for the drop in value.


Minor problems are those that can be fixed within a reasonable time.

You must give the store the chance to fix a problem. They can choose whether to refund, repair or replace your item.  

If the store chooses to repair the item, it is their responsibility to return it to and deal with the manufacturer.

If the store takes too long or refuses to fix the problem, you can return the item and ask for a refund or replacement.

You can contact NT Consumer Affairs and other agencies for help with your dispute.

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Last updated: 11 June 2015

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