Dispute with a business


You can get help if you have a dispute with a trader that has supplied you with goods or services.

You have rights when you buy, hire and lease goods, or pay for services, as set out by the Australian Consumer Law.

Find out more about consumer guarantees under Australian law.

How NT Consumer Affairs can help

If you have a dispute with a trader, NT Consumer Affairs can help in trying to resolve the dispute.

They can talk to you about your rights and responsibilities, and those of the trader.

Fair trading officers will give you advice on how best to negotiate to solve the problem yourself. This includes writing a complaint letter to the trader.

If you are still unhappy

If you are unsuccessful in resolving the problem with the trader, you can make a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs.

Find out more about returns and refunds on goods.

Find out more about using service providers.

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Last updated: 11 June 2015

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