Returns and refunds on goods

Returning goods and getting a refund

A store doesn’t have to let you return an item if you have changed your mind. 

However, some stores have their own policy to offer a refund, exchange or credit note. 

This is the same for items bought online.

Proof of purchase

If you are returning an item you will need to prove the item was purchased from that business.

If you don’t have the receipt, you can show any of the following:

  • a credit card statement
  • a lay-by agreement
  • a confirmation or receipt number from the phone or online purchase.

Find out more about proof of transaction.

When you can return goods for a refund

You can return goods for a refund if any of the following apply:

  • it doesn’t match the sample or demonstration model - eg: you buy a couch based on the fabric sample, but when it arrived it was a different colour
  • it doesn’t match the description -  eg: you buy a leather wallet, but when you get it home you find out it is vinyl
  • it doesn’t do what the salesperson told you it would - eg: you buy a watch which the salesperson said you could use when diving but it filled up with water the first time you used it
  • it doesn’t do what you want after you told the salesperson what you want it for and you relied on their advice - eg: you told a car dealer you wanted to tow your boat, but when the owner’s manual states your car can’t safely tow any boat.

If you received the item as a gift

If you received the item as a gift you have the same refund right but must have proof of purchase.

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Last updated: 11 June 2015

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