Justice of the Peace and Commissioner for Oaths


A Justice of the Peace, also known as a JP, and Commissioner for Oaths are volunteers who help the public with administrative legal matters.

They do not charge for their service.

Find a Justice of the Peace / Commissioner for Oaths

What they do

Both a Justice of the Peace and Commissioner for Oaths can do all of the following:

  • certify copies of documents such as birth certificates and passports to confirm your identity
  • witness affidavits
  • administer an oath.

A Justice of the Peace can authorise the issuing of a search warrant if requested by the Northern Territory (NT) Police.

Statutory declarations

A JP or Commissioner for Oaths does not have to witness and sign a statutory declaration.

It can be witnessed by anyone who is 18 or over.

Find out more information about statutory declarations.

Documents for use overseas

They are usually not able to witness official documents for use overseas.

Find out how to get your overseas documents witnessed.

Which do you need

As they are both able to carry out the same duties, it depends on which one is available in your area, and when you need to see them.

Both JPs and Commissioner for Oaths should be available outside business hours.

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Last updated: 12 December 2017

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