Employing prisoners in your business

How the program works

The Sentenced to a Job program includes the following steps:

Step1. Prisoners must pass a rigorous assessment process to enter the paid employment program. Convicted murderers and sex offenders are not eligible for the program. Read more about prisoner eligibility

Step 2. Businesses that apply are assessed to make sure they provide meaningful and sustainable employment, with current work health and safety standards. They will also have to undergo a free site inspection by the Department of Correctional Services. 

Step 3. Prisoners are registered with a job service agency. The agency links prisoners to services such as Centrelink, bus tickets, provision of personal protective equipment, post release accommodation and transport. 

Step 4. Businesses are also linked to the job service agency to help with access to wage subsidies, training and skill development funds, provision of personal protective equipment and mentoring support. 

Step 5. Prisoners are then employed by your business for a trial period. You can then assess whether the prisoner is suited to your workplace. 

Step 6. During the trial, a department employment officer will contact you to make sure your administrative and operational needs are being managed. This also gives you a chance to provide feedback and identify any concerns and remedies. Ongoing support is then provided to all employers involved in the program.

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Last updated: 01 February 2016

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