Business funding assistance

Wage Connect

Funds Eligibility Timeframe Contact
Up to $5900 for each fulltime job placement for 26 weeks Job seekers with little or no recent work experience The subsidy will be paid for at least 26 weeks but may be longer in some circumstances Local job service provider
Phone: 13 17 15

Indigenous wage subsidy

Funds Eligibility Timeframe Contact
Subsidy paid for new employee who has been in the job for 13 weeks and then 26 weeks. Up to $4400 for ongoing full time positions of 35 hours per week or more. Up to $2200 for ongoing part time positions of 15 hours or more. An additional retention bonus may be available of $1100 for full time or $500 for part time where an employee remains longer. Also employers can claim reimbursement of up to $550 in career development assistance. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Registered with Centrelink 13 and 26 weeks Indigenous Wage Subsidy email:

Australian Apprenticeship Mentoring Program

Funds Eligibility Timeframe Contact
Individual funding applications Australian apprentice employed under a training contract. Particularly in the first 12 months of employment
Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Package

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Last updated: 17 August 2018