Correctional industries and private business

Northern Territory (NT) businesses have the opportunity to get involved in the NT’s Correctional Industries program.

What the program involves

The program involves prisoners working within NT correctional facilities to provide products for self-sustainability, as well as for external businesses and organisations.

Prisoners are given opportunities in training and employment that will help them transit into paid employment after prison. This is considered to be one of the critical factors in reducing re-offending.

Partnering with local businesses

NT Correctional Industries is looking for opportunities to partner with local private businesses.

This includes opportunities to grow local capacity and compete with interstate and overseas suppliers that bring the benefits directly to NT business and the economy.

The program can offer businesses work-ready, reliable workers that address skill shortages. The program also includes modern workshops for prisoners.

The Correctional Industries Advisory Council monitors the development and operation of Correctional Industries projects to ensure that they function prudently and sensitively in parallel with private sector businesses.

Contact Correctional Industries about business opportunities

To find out more about Correctional Industries contact the Northern Territory Industries and Employment enquiry line on 1300 682 400.

About the Correctional Industries Advisory Council

The council includes representatives from all of the following:

  • peak employer bodies
  • Unions NT
  • training organisations
  • the Chamber of Commerce
  • other government departments and community representatives.

Last updated: 03 June 2015

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