Start a retail shop

What you need to know if you are opening a shop.

Use the guide below to help you set up a new business. Remember - this is a guide only. Every situation is different.

1. Check if you're ready

2. Choose the right business structure

Choosing the right business structure from the get go, sets you up for success.

3. Get an ABN

Organise an Australian Business Number (ABN) and prepare for GST.

4. Register your business name

Get the business name you want and register it.

5. Write your business plan

Planning is key. Write down your business plan and map out success.

6. Check business essentials

Understand your:

7. Prepare your finances

Calculate start-up costs and organise your business finances.

8. Get your licences and registrations

Get the right licences and registrations depending on your needs.

9. Protect your business

Protect your business with the right trademarks and insurance.

10. Get digital ready

Develop a marketing plan and get digital ready by creating your online presence and setting up your social media.

Learn how to write your marketing plan on the Australian Government’s Business website.

11. Hire staff

Recruit staff and understand your employer responsibilities.

Contact our Small Business Champions to help you along your journey.