Food and retail licence check

Licences and registrations you may need to start a food or retail business.

This is a guide only. Every situation has unique needs.

Contact a Territory Business Centre to talk about your individual requirements.

What type of business are you opening?

Other business types

Use the Australian Business Licence Information Service (ABLIS). It's a free online tool that provides information about local, state or territory and federal requirements.

Choose any of the below activities that you may do as part of your business.

Based on your answers, you may need to apply for the following licences or approvals:

Producing trade waste

You may need approval to discharge trade waste.

Read more and apply on the Power and Water website.

Allow 10 days

Selling food

You must register a food business.

If you will be operating a mobile food van or serving food in a public space, you should also check requirements with your local council.

Allow 30 days

Selling alcohol

Apply for a liquor licence.

Varies by complexity

Playing music

You will need a licence if you plan to play copyrighted music.

Apply on the OneMusic Australia website.

Contact OneMusic

Building, renovating or expanding

You must have a building permit before you begin construction.

You should also check if you need planning approval. Do this before you build or renovate.

Call a planner for advice

Change of land use

Check if you need planning approval.

Do this before you change the use of a building.

Call a planner for advice