Keeping protected and prohibited wildlife

All native wildlife in the Northern Territory (NT) is protected.

You need a permit to keep either protected wildlife or prohibited wildlife in captivity in the NT. 

Prohibited wildlife includes any Australian native animal that is not indigenous to the NT, such as a wombat.

That includes plants and animals as well as deceased animals and parts of an individual such as skulls and seeds. There are some exemptions.

Before you apply for a permit to keep wildlife

Before you apply you will need to do all of the following:

  • buy the animal from a lawful source - this is a person, pet shop or breeder that has a current permit to keep and trade wildlife
  • attach proof of purchase to your application - this can be a receipt or proof of sale docket
  • allow five days for your permit application to be processed.

After you have bought your animal you must get a permit within seven days of the receipt of sale.

This permit can't be transferred if you give the animal away.

How to apply for a permit

Fill in the application for a permit to keep protected or prohibited wildlife. 

Permit to keep protected or prohibited wildlife DOCX (99.4 KB)
Permit to keep protected or prohibited wildlife PDF (256.3 KB)

Submit your application to the permits section of Parks and Wildlife.

Last updated: 24 February 2016

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