Native animals that need a permit

All native wildlife in the Northern Territory (NT) is protected. A permit is needed to keep most native wildlife in the NT.

Some animals that are not native to the NT are prohibited and a permit is needed to keep these animals in the NT.

The following native animals are exempt and don't need a permit to be kept in the NT.

The wildlife listed here must have been obtained legally.

You still need a permit to take wildlife from the wild or to import or export wildlife from or into the NT.


The birds in this table don't need a permit to be kept in the NT.

Common nameScientific name
Bar-shouldered doveGeopelia humeralis
Bourke’s parrotNeopsephotus bourkii
Brown quailCoturnix ypsilophora
BudgerigarMelopsittacus undulatas
Chestnut-breasted mannikinLonchura castaneothorax
CockatielNymphicus hollandicus
Crested pigeonOcyphaps lophotes
Diamond doveGeopelia cuneata
Double-barred finchTaeniopygia bichenovii
GalahCacatua rosicapilla
King quailCoturnix chinensis
Little corellaCacatua sanguinea
Long-tailed finchPoephila acuticauda
Northern rosellaPlatycercus venustus
Peaceful doveGeopelia striata
Red-collared lorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus rubritorquis
Sulphur-crested cockatooCacatua galerita
Zebra finchTaeniopygia guttata

You don't need a permit to keep a spinifex hopping mouse (Notomys alexis) in the NT.

The reptiles in this table don't need a permit to be kept in the NT.

Common nameScientific name
Central bearded dragonPogona vitticeps
Central netted dragon Ctenophorus nuchalis
Centralian blue-tongued lizardTiliqua multifasciata
Children's pythonAntaresia childreni
Common blue-tongued lizardTiliqua scincoides
Northern long-necked turtleChelodina rugosa

Common frogs of the NT may be kept as pets. If you want to trade in frogs you will need a permit.

You need a permit to take or interfere with wildlife for scientific research.

You need a permit to hunt feral pigs or waterfowl.

If you want to take hunting dogs into a reserve, you must have a licensed firearm or weapon with you.

Last updated: 04 January 2019

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