Animals that do not need a permit

Most native animals need a permit to be kept in the Northern Territory (NT).

Some native animals are exempt from permit requirements.

The animals on this page are not native to Australia and are not considered as prohibited wildlife. So they do not need a permit to be kept in the NT.


The mammals in this table do not need a permit to be kept in the NT.

Common nameScientific name
Bali cattleBos javanicus
buffaloBubalus bubalis
camelCamelus dromedarius
catFelis catus
cattleBos taurus
cattleBos indicus
dogCanis familiaris
donkeyEquus asinus
goatCapra hircus
guinea pigCarvia porcellus
horseEquus caballus
mouse (laboratory strain)Mus musculus
pigSus scrofa
rabbit (domestic varieties)Oryctolagus cuniculus
rat (laboratory strain)Rattus rattus
sheepOvis aries


The birds in this table do not need a permit to be kept in the NT.

Common nameScientific name
African firefinchLagonosticta senegala
blue-faced parrot-finchErythrura trichroa
canarySerinus canaria
cheer pheasantCatreus wallichii
Chinese quailCoturnix chinensis
common peafowlPavo cristatus
cordon bleu finchesUraeginthus spp.
crimson rosellaPlatycercus elegans
Cuban finchTiaris canora
cut-throat finchAmadina fasciata
diamond firetailStagonopleura guttata
domestic (grey-lag) gooseAnser anser
domestic duckAnas platyrhynchos
domestic fowlGallus gallus
domestic pigeonColumba livia
domestic quailCoturnix coturnix
eastern rosellaPlatycercus eximius
eclectus parrotEclectus roratus
elegant parrotNeophema elegans
European goldfinchCarduelis carduelis
golden pheasantChrysolophus pictus
golden-shouldered parrotPsephotus chrysopterygius
gooseAnser cygnoides
greenfinchCarduelis chloris
guineafowlNumidia meleagris
kakariki (red-fronted parakeet)Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae
king parrotAlisterus scapularis
lady amherst pheasantChrysolophus amherstiae
little lorikeetGlossopsitta pusilla
long-billed corellaCacatua tenuirostris
lovebirdsAgapornis spp.
muscovy duckCairina moschata
musk lorikeetGlossopsitta concinna
orange-breasted waxbillAmandava subflava
orange-cheeked waxbillEstrilda melpoda
pale-headed rosellaPlatycercus adscitus
plum-headed parakeetPsittacula cyanocephala
purple-crowned lorikeetGlossopsitta porphyrocephala
red-rumped parrotPsephotus haematonotus
regent parrotPolytelis anthopeplus
saint helena waxbillEstrilda astrild
scaly-breasted lorikeetTrichoglossus chlorolepidotus
silver pheasantLophura nycthemera
superb parrotPolytelis swainsonii
turkeyMeleagris galloparvo
turquoise parrotNeophema pulchella
western rosellaPlatycercus icterotis


The reptiles in this table do not need a permit to be kept in the NT.

Common nameScientific name
Centralian blue-tongued lizardTiliqua multifasciata
Central netted dragonCtenophorus nuchalis
Common blue-tongued lizardTiliqua scinoides
Central bearded dragonPogona vitticeps
Children’s pythonAntaresia childreni
Northern snake-necked turtleChelodina rugosa

Last updated: 14 July 2018


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