Freehold native vegetation clearing applications: exhibition and assessment process

Freehold native vegetation clearing applications have a public notification period of 14 or 28 days.

During this time, a 'pink' planning notice must be erected at the property.

Applications are exhibited on Development Applications Online, during which time the public is invited to make a written submission on any areas of concern.

Applications are distributed to various Northern Territory Government (NTG) service authorities, and where relevant, the local council.

Service authorities provide their responses to the consent authority to consider in their final assessment and deliberation.

All service authority comments are also made available to the applicant, who may wish to respond to comments to further support their application.

Who assesses your application

Freehold applications for zoned land are assessed by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics and determined by the relevant Development Consent Authority.

Applications for clearing outside planning control areas (eg. no zone or unzoned areas) are assessed by the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security and determined by the delegate of the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.

To view current applications, go to Development Applications Online.

Unzoned land clearing applications

Unzoned land clearing applications are reviewed by the Native Vegetation Assessment Panel which consists of senior officers with expertise in:

  • water management
  • biodiversity conservation
  • land resource assessment
  • primary industries
  • planning.

Recommendations are made to the delegate of the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics to issue a notice of consent or refusal in accordance with the Planning Act 2002.

Zoned land clearing applications are assessed by Development Assessment Services and recommendations are made to the relevant Development Consent Authority to issue a notice of consent or refusal in accordance with the Act.

For more information, read the unzoned land clearing applications flow chart PDF (182.2 KB).

You should also read about the development application process and current applications.

Last updated: 29 September 2021

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