Rules for fishing in specific areas

Aquatic life reserves in Darwin

You must follow recreational fishing restrictions at aquatic life reserves in Darwin.

Below are maps and information about reserves where restrictions apply.

Stokes Hill Wharf map

Doctors Gully

Doctors Gully is a tourist destination where fish gather at high tide to be hand fed.

You are not allowed to fish in the Doctors Gully reserve area, which extends several hundred metres out to sea.

You must not take, injure, destroy or possess fish or aquatic life in this area.

Map of the Doctors Gully Aquatic Life Reserve

The map of the Doctors Gully aquatic life reserve is a general guide only.

East Point

The East Point reserve stops the taking of small aquatic life to preserve and protect the reef.

You must not take, injure or destroy stationary organisms such as corals, or fish less than 30 cm long.

You are allowed to use a rod, hand line, line, hooks, and lures to fish in East Point reserve. Any fish less than 30 cm long must be returned to the water as soon as possible after it has been caught, with as little damage as possible.

Map of the East Point Aquatic Life Reserve

The map of the East Point aquatic life reserve is a general guide only.

Stokes Hill Wharf

You must fish only in certain areas of Stokes Hill Wharf and from the shore. Signs at the wharf tell you where you can and can't fish.

You must not fish in the water around the public eatery areas or from the end of the wharf.

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Last updated: 14 November 2016

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