Rules for fishing in specific areas

Fishing in Kakadu National Park

Recreational fishing is allowed only in certain areas of Kakadu National Park and there are rules about the fishing gear and methods you may use.

Possession limits

You may only possess three barramundi up to 90 cm, with one barramundi over 90 cm per boat.

Fishing gear you can use

You can use only a rod and reel or a hand line with a single hook or lure at Kakadu National Park.

Landing nets may be used only for landing fish.

Fishing gear you can't use

Nets, traps and pots used for recreational fishing outside the park may onlt be transported into or through Kakadu National Park along Oenpelli Road, Old Jim Jim Road, the Arnhem and Kakadu highways and the South and East Alligator rivers downstream of boat access .

You must not use them and they must be stowed at all times.

You may not possess or use nets, firearms, spears, traps or any other device designed for taking an animal or fish.

You are not allowed to use set lines.

Fishing methods not allowed

You must not use a live animal, including fish, as bait at Kakadu National Park.

You must not clean fish within 50m of a water body unless using a fish cleaning facility.

You must not take crabs as all crabs are protected.

Restricted waterways

There are some restricted waterways in Kakadu National Park.

You must not take your boat or fish between the part of the South Alligator River known as 'the forks' or 'the rapids', about 24km upstream of the bridge on the Arnhem Highway and 2km north of Fisherman's Gully on Yellow Water.

You must not boat or fish on the West Alligator River.

You may boat and fish on Sandy Billabong and Jim Jim Billabong but all other waterways upstream of the Kakadu Highway are closed to boating and fishing.

For more information about fishing and boating in Kakadu go to the Parks Australia website.

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Last updated: 01 March 2016

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