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Leanyer Recreation Park

Wet playground upgrades

Wet playground upgrades commence May 2022.

The lagoon area will be closed from Monday 9 to Monday 30 May 2022.

Leanyer Water Park

Park features

All of the following are features of this park:

  • free entry
  • water park
  • swimming pool
  • children’s paddling pools
  • water playground facility
  • three water slides 14m tall and over 100m long
  • an all-abilities playground
  • a skate park
  • a basketball court with floodlights
  • a cycling path
  • shaded gas barbecues and picnic areas.

You can't reserve barbecues, shaded areas and tables. These are available on a first in first served basis.

Leanyer Park facilities are open during the following times:

Grassed area and barbecues

  • 7 days a week - 9am to 8pm

Lake and wet play area

  • Monday and Tuesday - closed for maintenance during school term
  • Wednesday to Sunday - 10am to 6pm

Water slides

  • Monday and Tuesday - closed for maintenance during school term
  • Wednesday to Friday - 2pm to 6pm
  • Saturday to Sunday - 11am to 6pm
  • School holidays and public holidays - 11am to 6pm

Public holidays

The park is closed on the following public holidays:

  • Good Friday
  • Anzac Day - open after 1pm
  • Christmas Day.

310 Vanderlin Drive

A bus stop is close to the park on Vanderlin Drive.

You must follow the rules at Leanyer Recreation Park. These are:

  • pets, smoking and alcohol are not allowed in the park
  • parents and guardians must supervise their children at all times and be dressed ready to enter a pool
  • children under 10 years must be supervised by a person 16 years or older
  • a parent or guardian must be within arms' reach of children aged five years and under and weak swimmers or non-swimmers when they are in the water
  • children aged 6-10 years must be constantly supervised
  • children aged 11-14 years should be regularly checked on by parents going to where they are in or around the water
  • your child must be at least 110cm tall to ride on the water slides
  • pregnant women should not ride the water slides
  • lifeguards are on duty during pool and water playground opening hours.

If you are having an event with more than 20 people, you should complete a group booking form. Contact to request a copy of the form.

Active supervision

Ensure that you actively supervise children and take full responsibility for their safety in the water.

Active supervision consists of four key elements:

  • be prepared - ensure you have everything you need before getting into the water, such as towels and dry clothes
  • be close - always be within arms' reach of your child
  • all of your attention - focus all of your attention on your child by getting into the pool and talking and playing with them
  • all of the time - you should never leave your child alone in the water or in the care of an older child, or assume that your responsibility diminishes due to the presence of lifeguards.

Event booking enquiries:
Phone: 08 8985 6588

Maintenance or trade enquiries:
Phone: 0429 445 052

Other enquiries:

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Last updated: 06 May 2022

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