Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Simpsons Gap

On the Simpsons Gap bicycle path you can experience the arid Central Australian desert.

This sealed path runs 17km through bushland between Flynn's Grave and Simpsons Gap. It is a relaxing and scenic ride for visitors of all ages.

Along the trail there are views of the hills and ranges around Alice Springs. Cycling slowly and quietly may help you see wildlife.

There are signs along the path that explain the area's natural and scenic features. They are a great place to rest and discover the surroundings.

If you want a break, the Cassia Hill Walk PDF (1.2 MB), near the path's western end, will let you stretch your legs and learn about native plants.

For disabled or child bike trailer access to the path, contact the Simpsons Gap ranger office during business hours.

When to ride

It is best to ride during the cooler months from April to September.

During warmer months, especially on days when the forecast temperature is 36 Celsius or above, plan your ride for the cooler parts of the day.

How to get there

Opposite Flynn's Grave, the path connects to the town bicycle path network, which is a 7km ride from the centre of Alice Springs.

You can also drive up to the car parks at either end of the path.

Where to rest

There are four small rest areas along the path with minimal facilities that are pleasant picnic areas or places to rest and appreciate the landscape.

Travelling west from Flynn's Grave, rest stops are at the following points on the path:

  • The Knoll at 4km
  • Wallaby Creek at 4.5km
  • Tea Tree Creek at 8.5km
  • Mulga Valley at 12km.

What to take

There is drinking water at 2 points along the track, 3.5km and 14km from the start of the path.

You should carry drinking water with you. If you are riding long distances you should carry snacks.

Read safety and environmental care to help plan your ride.


Before you set out on your ride, get the Simpsons Gap bicycle path map PDF (1.2 MB).

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Last updated: 24 May 2022

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