Apply for a heritage grant

The Northern Territory (NT) Heritage Grants Program funds conservation work to privately owned heritage places.

You can apply for up to $20,000. If you have a larger project in mind you are encouraged to consider staging the project.

Priority is given to places on the NT Heritage Register, but grants may also be considered for work to other places of historical importance.

Search the NT Heritage Register to check if a property is listed.

When to apply

The 2019/2020 Heritage Grants Program is open from 21 June 2019 to 29 July 2019.


You could qualify for funding if conservation work is needed to any of the following:

  • buildings and other structures
  • Aboriginal archaeological sites
  • places of social significance
  • places of natural significance including flora, fauna and geological sites

Projects involving research and documentation, and promotional projects may also be considered.

Physical conservation work

Physical conservation work should be carried out according to the Burra Charter and may include one or more of the following:

  • preservation
  • maintenance
  • restoration
  • reconstruction
  • interpretation.

To read more about the Burra Charter, go to the Australia International Council on Monuments and Sites website.

Research and documentation projects

Research and documentation projects must relate directly to a place or object and may involve one or more of the following:

  • historical research
  • recording or mapping
  • preparation of a conservation management plan.

Promotional projects

Promotional projects must also relate to a place or object, and may involve publication of promotional material, and interpretive signage.

You can apply if you are any of the following:

  • an individual
  • a private business
  • a non-profit organisation
  • a community group, including an Aboriginal organisation.

Questions you may be asked

Before you contact the Heritage branch you should consider all of the following questions:

  • what do you intend to do, where and when?
  • who will be involved and what will each project partner do to assist?
  • why is this project necessary, and why have you chosen this approach?
  • what changes do you hope to see at the conclusion of the project?
  • are there opportunities to build on the achievements of your project in the future?
  • how will you show that your project has made a difference?

Contact the Heritage Branch

To find out if you qualify for funding, you should contact the Heritage Branch.

Grant Project Officer Heritage Branch 
Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture 
GPO Box 1448
Darwin NT 0801 
Phone: 08 8999 5039

Documents you will need

Before you apply you must complete a budget and work plan which includes all of the following:

  • an overview of the project
  • expected costs of key parts
  • key dates
  • written quotes or any other relevant documents in this section
  • which agency or group will be responsible for each activity
  • photos
  • what you and others are contributing
  • partnerships with other organisations or sectors.

You must apply online and attach your documents on GrantsNT.

You must follow all of the below conditions for heritage grants:

  • grants cannot buy capital items, travel or administrative expenses
  • an applicant may submit more than one grant application
  • funds are not granted to projects that have already started
  • funds may be used only for the approved purpose, unless you receive approval from the Heritage Branch
  • funds that are not spent must be refunded to the NT Government
  • if you receive funding you must acknowledge the help of the NT Government
  • funding may be withdrawn if there is a change in the nature of the project, its finances, or the organisation that applied for the funding
  • the person making the application must be nominated as responsible for the finances and carrying out of the project.

If you get funding you must do all of the following:

  • carry out all conservation work by following the Burra Charter
  • allow the Heritage Branch or its representatives to inspect work and certify that the work has been carried out to an appropriate standard
  • complete the work or carry out the activity by the agreed date on the Heritage Grant funding agreement
  • In the acquittal process provide proof that all funds have been spent on the project as per the grant agreement.

You may need to fill in an application to carry out work on a heritage place or object DOCX (52.4 KB) before work begins.

If you are not sure if an application is required, see heritage properties: building works and development or contact the Heritage Branch for advice.

Last updated: 20 March 2020

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