Winners of the 2018 Peace in the Pacific Study Tour

The successful students travelled to Hawaii in early December 2018 for a six day tour as part of the Chief Ministers' Peace in the Pacific Tour.

They explored the shared military history of the Northern Territory and the state of Hawaii, and attended the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day commemorations on 7 December 2018.

Their names and details of their entries are listed below.

Ianna Lalim

Ianna from St Joseph's Catholic College in Katherine wrote a poem entwined with metaphors, titled ‘Bombs Flagged’.

The poem explores the way that sorrow can tether two nations and thereby how the bombings affected the relationship between Australia and the United States of America; ‘The bombings that were dealt with the intent of thwarting peace in the Pacific resulted in a relationship that has instead become integral to peace in the Pacific.’

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Shawn Bett

Shawn from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College in Alice Springs wrote an essay which explores how interactions between Australians and Americans created the opportunity for change of civil rights and multiculturalism in both nations; a legacy that lives on today.

‘The relationship between Australia and the United States, born in the bombings of Pearl Harbour and Darwin, symbolises the ever-evolving but never-changing support the two nations provide to one another in a growing world.’

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Grace Modoh

Grace from Casuarina Senior College created an artwork that depicts how the relationship between America and Australia was affected and grew after the bombings, creating a strong sense of mateship.

‘The bombing of Darwin and Pearl Harbor will never be forgotten, as these were the events that shaped our two countries into what they are today; allies that support each other and that have developed a strong relationship which will help us overcome any upcoming hurdles that will be thrown our way.’

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Look at Grace's artwork

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