Domestic, family and sexual violence

About domestic, family and sexual violence

Domestic and family violence can take many forms. It can happen to anyone.

It is when a partner, ex-partner or family member hurts another family member.

It could be carried out by any of the following:

  • your partner
  • your ex-partner
  • someone you have had an intimate personal relationship with
  • a relative, including people who are relatives according to Aboriginal traditional or contemporary social practice
  • someone you live with or have lived with
  • a carer
  • a guardian.

Domestic or family violence can include any of the following:

  • physical harm
  • violent behaviour
  • threatening behaviour
  • sexual abuse
  • verbal abuse
  • psychological or emotional abuse
  • social abuse
  • neglect
  • financial exploitation
  • other type of abuse.

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Last updated: 24 June 2020

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