Calling 000

Calling 000 is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you.

In an emergency, calling 000 can be the difference between life and death.

When to call 000

You should call 000 in any of the following situations:

  • a life is threatened
  • a vehicle accident where people are injured
  • an air, rail or water accident
  • any event that may cause danger to people or property
  • an explosion
  • a bomb or threat
  • a disturbance or breach of the peace - such as a domestic violence incident or anti-social behaviour
  • a crime is happening or has been committed.

You should call 131 444 for all non-urgent incidents to talk to a police operator.

What happens when you call 000

When you call 000 you should follow these steps: 

Step 1. You will hear this message: ‘You have dialled emergency triple zero. Your call is being connected.'
Step 2. An operator will say: 'Emergency. Which service do you require - police, fire or ambulance?'
Step 3. You will be connected to either the police, fire or ambulance.
Step 4. You should stay calm and not hang up until you have spoken to the police, fire or ambulance.

If you ask for an ambulance

If you call for an ambulance on 000, the operator may ask you any of the following:

  • the address of the place the ambulance needs to go
  • what the problem is
  • how many people are injured
  • the person's age
  • the person's gender
  • if the person is conscious
  • if the person is breathing.

Do not hang up until the operator tells you to. You may need to hold the line until an ambulance arrives.

For more information go to the triple zero (000) page at the Australian Government's Department of the Attorney-General website.

To get information for children, go to the Triple Zero Kids' Challenge website.

Last updated: 01 March 2016

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