Teach your child to call 000

Children as young as three have been able to save their parents in an emergency by calling 000 and providing vital information, such as a name and address.

It is important that your child knows what to expect and how to answer questions asked by the emergency operator.  

Play the 000 game

Playing the 000 game is a good way to introduce your children to emergencies and what to do in those situations. To play the game go to the Triple Zero Kids' Challenge website.

It is also important to stress to your children that:

  • they should not give out their telephone number to strangers - only to an authorised person, such as when calling 000
  • 000 is a number used in emergencies and should only be used if there is no adult available to make the call.

Talk to your child about emergencies

Talk to your child about what an emergency is and make a list of the answers.

Using the list of emergencies, have your child say who they would ask for in each example - either police, fire or ambulance.

Practice using the phone

Show your child how to use the phone correctly, for example, how to listen for a dial tone before dialling.

Remind your child about the danger of making a joke or hoax call and state that this is not allowed and that you will get into a great deal of trouble when caught.

Explain to your child that when you call 000 the operator will ask you some questions.

Teach your child their name, address and phone number if possible.

Role-play a 000 situation

Role-play with another adult, with one of you being the operator and the other being a child ringing 000. Show the importance of staying calm and speaking clearly to be understood.

Last updated: 01 March 2016

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