Conditions of quotation

You must follow the rules that apply to suppliers and the Northern Territory Government for conditions of quotation.

You should read these conditions in conjunction with all requests for quotation documents.

For more information or to request a version not listed below, contact Procurement NT.

Current version

Issued 1 July 2020

Conditions of quoting (version 5.5) PDF (816.8 KB)
Conditions of quoting (version 5.5) DOCX (1.3 MB)

Previous versions

Issued 1 November 2019

Conditions of quoting (version 5.4) PDF (781.5 KB)
Conditions of quoting (version 5.4) DOCX (1.3 MB)

Issued 1 June 2019

Conditions of quoting (version 5.3) PDF (548.0 KB)
Conditions of quoting (version 5.3) DOCX (105.3 KB)

Issued 1 November 2018

Conditions of quoting (version 5.2.02) PDF (242.7 KB)
Conditions of quoting (version 5.2.02) DOCX (96.8 KB)

Issued 1 September 2017

Conditions of quotation (version 5.2.01) DOCX (96.3 KB)
Conditions of quotation (version 5.2.01) PDF (153.4 KB)

Issued 20 February 2017

Conditions of quotation (version 5.2.00) DOCX (157.6 KB)
Conditions of quotation (version 5.2.00) PDF (156.7 KB)

Last updated: 06 November 2020

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