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Amalgamated reporting for mineral titles

This page has information on amalgamated reporting and grouping expenditure reports.

If you hold several mineral titles in the same project and in the same area, you can apply to the department to group them together for annual reporting purposes. 

Up to 25 titles will be considered for amalgamated reporting.

You must hold all the titles in the same company name or a wholly owned subsidiary. If only a share of a title is owned, then all titles in the group should have the same ownership share.

Amalgamated reporting includes both annual and expenditure reporting. Amalgamated expenditure reporting enables all expenditure reports to be submitted on the same day, although you must submit separate forms for each title.

For more information read the following guideline:

Criteria for amalgamated reporting

Your application to amalgamate reports must meet all of the following criteria:

  • the reports relate to titles held by the same person or company
  • the titles are of the same type and in the same geological province - looking for a common mineral over a geological unit or a continuous series of connected and related units
  • title areas are proximal.

How to apply

Use the amalgamated reporting form to apply for grouping of reports.

Your application may be refused if you have outstanding and overdue reports for any of the titles in your proposed reporting group.

You will need to include all of the following information with your application:

  • a list of the title areas to be grouped
  • the preferred date for submitting the amalgamated report
  • information about the commodity being sought, and regional geology
  • a map clearly showing how the title areas are connected.

Reporting dates

The new reporting dates will ideally align with the reporting period of one of the titles in the group.

Reports must be submitted on time or approval for group reporting can be withdrawn.  No extensions of time will be granted for amalgamated reports.

Add or remove titles

You can apply to add or remove titles from a reporting group using the amalgamated reporting form.

Report contents

An amalgamated annual report must contain all of the information that would normally be provided in an annual report if the reports were not being grouped, including all the data generated by the exploration activities.

Read annual and final reports for advice on content and format for writing an annual report.

You may be asked to correct and re-submit a report if it doesn't meet the guidelines, and charged a late fee if the corrected version is submitted past the deadline. 

Expired, ceased and surrendered titles

Amalgamating reports does not change the obligation to provide separate final reports for titles which expire, cease or are surrendered or cancelled in part or full.

If you have been given permission to amalgamate reports, and one of the grouped titles expires before the new reporting date, you must submit the final report for that surrendered title separately on its relevant due date.

If you don't, the department can publicly release all information in an amalgamated report, even though some titles are still in force.

Late fees and cancellations

If you don't submit your reports on or before the due date you have set, you will be charged late fees. Your titles can be cancelled.

Late fees apply from the first day after the reporting date, up to a maximum of 60 days.  They will continue until one of the following things happens:

  • you submit the report to the department
  • the department cancels one or all of the titles being reported on
  • the 60-day period elapses.

The department can also cancel the approval to amalgamate reports, and cancel all or part of the title areas in the reporting group.

Grouping expenditure reports

Amalgamated expenditure reporting enables all expenditure reports to be submitted on the same nominated day as the annual report. You must submit separate forms for each title. The nominated day for report submission is the same as the day for submission of the amalgamated annual report.

If you are spending a significant amount on exploration to accelerate a project on one of the titles you can group expenditure by applying for an expenditure project area. 

Read more about expenditure conditions and expenditure project areas

You are still required to report expenditures for each separate title area but covenant amounts are pooled.

Read more about reporting expenditure.

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Last updated: 11 March 2020

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