Risk classification in food businesses

New risk classification system

Risk classification levels for Territory food businesses have changed. The new classification categories are listed below.

Your food safety requirements have not changed.

Food businesses in the Northern Territory (NT) are classified using the NT food business risk classification framework.

There are four classification categories based on risk level:

  • priority 1 (P1)
  • priority 2 (P2)
  • priority 3 (P3)
  • priority 4 (P4).

The classification depends on the inherent food safety risks that exist in your food business. The highest risk category is P1, followed by P2, P3 and then P4, which is the lowest risk category.

The fee to register or renew your food business depends on your business' risk classification.

You can get a copy of the framework on the Department of Health website.

How your business is classified

Your food business will be assessed and assigned a risk classification by an Environmental Health Officer as part of your next inspection.

Risk categories are determined by the following:

  • the types of food your business provides
  • the processes used by your business
  • which of the following sectors your business operates in:
    • retail
    • food service
    • manufacturer
    • transporter.

Last updated: 22 September 2020

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