Food business registration fees

Fees for registering or renewing depend on the risk classification of your food business.

You need to pay a registration fee for each premises where your food business operates. This does not include the different locations of mobile food premises.

Fees are set in revenue units, which change every year in line with the consumer price index (CPI).

Fees: new food business registration

Risk classificationRevenue  unitsFee
Priority 1180$228
Priority 290$114
Priority 345$57
Priority 4-No fee required

Fees: renewal of registration

Risk classificationFee
Priority 1145 revenue units - $184
Priority 270 revenue units - $88
Priority 335 revenue units - $44
Priority 4No fee required

Fees: variation of registration conditions

Risk classificationFee
Priority 190 revenue units - $114
Priority 245 revenue units - $57
Priority 322 revenue units - $27
Priority 4No fee required

How to pay

You can pay your fee when you register or renew your food business online.

You can also pay your fee to the Receiver of Territory Monies (RTM).

Last updated: 01 July 2022

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