Register, renew or close a food business

Most food businesses that sell food in the Northern Territory (NT) need to be registered.

Your registration is valid for 12 months.

You must renew every year. Submit your renewal at least 30 days before your registration expires.

If you sell or close your business, you must notify NT Health within 14 days of the sale or disposal date.

Estimated completion time: 20 to 30 minutes.

All steps must be completed in one go. You can't save your application and complete it later.

Register, renew or close

Information you will need

  • Business details, including your ABN.
  • Contact information for the business proprietor.
  • If your business uses a private water supply, microbiological and chemical water testing results.
  • Copy of your proposed or changed menu.
  • Floor plans - these should show details of all fixtures, fittings, equipment, surface finishes and elevations.

Paying the fee

If you're registering for the first time, an environmental health officer will call you to arrange payment.

They will do this once your food business application has been assessed.

If you're renewing online, you have the option to pay after completing the form.

Read more about food business registration fees.

Processing times

Applications are processed within 30 days from the date you submit.

This includes registering a new food business or renewing an existing business.

Environmental Health will contact you within 7 days to acknowledge receipt of your application and ensure it has been correctly submitted. If you haven't been contacted, call your local Environmental Health office.

Other ways to register or renew

If you can't register or renew online, fill in the relevant application below.

Opening a new food business application DOCX (76.4 KB)

Renewing a current food business application DOCX (66.7 KB)

Email it to your local Environmental Health office:

For more information, call your local Environmental Health office.

Businesses that don't need to register

You don't need to register if your food business:

  • sells only low risk pre-packaged food, such as a pharmacy, newsagency or bottle shop
  • raises funds solely for charitable purposes and sells food that is not potentially hazardous or intended to be eaten immediately after cooking
  • only serves complimentary beverages in conjunction with another business, such as a hairdresser or fashion outlet.

Last updated: 24 June 2022

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