Greyhound racing

Greyhound racing heat policy

Greyhound race meetings in the Northern Territory (NT) are cancelled in extreme weather conditions.

Licensing NT will announce any cancellation or reprogramming at scratching time. Radio TAB will also be advised of any alterations.

Maximum allowed temperatures

Day and twilight meetings will be cancelled if the estimated daily maximum is over:

  • 35 degrees Celsius, unless a vet is in attendance
  • 40 degrees Celsius.

Racing stewards and a vet can determine if a night meeting should be cancelled.

Protecting animals

All of the following measures must apply to meetings that proceed in extreme weather conditions:

  • kennels to be opened later
  • greyhounds to spend minimum time outside
  • parade greyhounds directly to starting boxes
  • greyhounds to remain in kennel house for at least 30 minutes after their event
  • adequate drinking facilities, including ice water for greyhounds.

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Last updated: 31 August 2022

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