Your rights at work and complaints

This page gives you information about your rights and what to do if you have a dispute at work.

Your rights at work

All Northern Territory (NT) workers have basic rights, no matter what kind of award or agreement they have with their employer.

As an employee you are entitled to all of the following:

  • the right wage
  • fair employment standards
  • a healthy and safe workplace
  • join a union if you wish.

For more information about work standards go to the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Disputes about rights, conditions or pay

Disagreements occur in all workplaces and they can sometimes be difficult to sort out.

Go to the Fair Work Ombudsman website for tips on a fair and balanced dispute resolution process.

If you think you are not getting the right pay, working conditions or workplace rights, contact the Fair Work Ombudsman.

If you work for the NT Public Service, you should contact the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment first.

Bullying at work

Bullying at work occurs when:

  • a person or group of people repeatedly behaves unreasonably towards a worker or a group of workers at work
  • the behaviour creates a risk to health and safety.

Read the 'Workers guide to dealing with workplace bullying' on the NT WorkSafe website.

How to make a complaint about bullying

If you are concerned about bullying at work, you should talk to your manager or a health and safety representative about it.

To get help outside your workplace or to make a complaint contact the Fair Work Commission.

Discrimination at work

You have the right to fair treatment at work.

Read about discrimination.

How to make a discrimination complaint

To make a complaint, contact the Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission.

Ending employment

Employment can end for many different reasons. An employee may resign or can be dismissed or made redundant.

A dismissal can also be called a 'sacking' or 'termination of employment'.

An employer must provide good reasons for asking you to leave your job. You must also be asked to leave your job in a fair and reasonable manner.

Read more about ending employment on the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Last updated: 25 November 2016

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