Workplace conditions, health and safety

Your right to a safe and healthy workplace is a responsibility shared between you and your employer.

Read about employers' work health and safety obligations for their staff.

Workers' responsibilities

You are responsible for all of the following:

  • your own health and safety and that of your colleagues
  • following health and safety directions
  • using safety equipment provided
  • reporting workplace accidents.

Drugs, alcohol and your work

You should consider how drugs and alcohol taken during and outside work hours can affect your safety in the workplace.

You can read about drugs and alcohol in the workplace in the publications section of the Australian Drug Foundation website.

Workers' rights

Your employer must talk to you when making decisions that may affect your workplace health and safety.

You may refuse to carry out work if you believe it will expose you to a serious risk to your health and safety.

Your workplace health and safety representative can help you by raising your health and safety concerns with your employer.

For more information contact NT WorkSafe.

Last updated: 11 March 2016

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