Selling or disposing a vehicle as a licensed vehicle dealer

Licensed motor vehicle dealers must submit a notice of disposal form with the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) to properly dispose of vehicles.

Vehicle dealers can also register a vehicle for an interstate or overseas resident.

When selling or disposing of a vehicle, licensed motor vehicle dealers and auction houses must submit a notice of disposal.

The notice must be filed with MVR within 14 days of the sale.

The notice type you use depends on the number of vehicles you are making a notification about.

Single vehicle

For single vehicles, you must fill in either:

Multiple vehicles

For notification of multiple vehicles, you must fill in an R15 bulk notice of disposal form PDF (28.4 KB).

What the notice must include

The notice must include all of the following information:

  • the full name and address of the buyer - this may be a body corporate
  • buyer's date of birth - not required for a body corporate
  • the date of the sale or disposal of the vehicle
  • the price paid for the vehicle
  • vehicle registration number, make, model, VIN/chassis number, engine number
  • signatures of both the buyer and the seller.

Any notice that has not been completed properly will be returned to the licensed vehicle dealer or auction house for correction.

This means the dealer or auction house may still be held responsible for the vehicle – including traffic infringements and demerit points – until the MVR accepts the notice of disposal.


Submit your notice of disposal either by:

Licensed motor vehicle dealers can register a vehicle for a person who is an interstate or overseas resident but has bought a vehicle in the Northern Territory.

You will need to submit all of the following:


Submit the application in person at an MVR office.

Last updated: 21 January 2022

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