Towed and impounded vehicles

In the Northern Territory (NT), a vehicle can be removed if it’s found abandoned on a road or road reserve.

This can be done by a police officer or competent authority under the Traffic Regulations 1999.

A competent authority is a person or organisation that is authorised to remove a vehicle under the Traffic Act 1987.

If you notice an abandoned vehicle, you can report it.

Find your vehicle

If your vehicle is not where you left it, it might have been towed.

The authority responsible for towing it depends on where the vehicle was left.

Government roads

Below are vehicles that:

  • have been removed from road reserves managed by the NT Government and
  • haven’t been traced back to the owner.

Each vehicle has an advertisement period of 14 days.

You must contact your local Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) office within this period if you:

  • are the owner or
  • have any information about a vehicle's owner.

After the advertisement period, the vehicle will be disposed of.

RegionMake/Model Registration number VIN number Removed date Advertised date
DarwinKia SorrentoUnknownUnknown19/08/2224/08/22
DarwinFord TerritoryUnknownUnknown19/08/2224/08/22
Darwin Toyota Camry 797110 6T153XK360X315544 27/05/22 12/08/22
Darwin Toyota Hilux 927295 Unknown 01/06/22 12/08/22
Darwin Foton Tunland BOD700 LVAV2MBBXEJ069292 20/06/22 12/08/22
Darwin Holden Commodore CE22DZ 6H8VXK69A21786568 07/05/22 12/08/22
Darwin Nissan Pathfinder CD69GD Unknown 12/07/22 12/08/22
Darwin Toyota Prado CE86BV JT711VJ9500025423 04/07/22 12/08/22
Darwin Ford Territory CE05FD 6FPAAAJGAT786227 20/07/22 12/08/22

For more information or to claim your vehicle, contact the relevant DIPL office:

Council roads

If you can't find your vehicle in the list above, it may have been left on a council road or road reserve.

Check the below council websites:

Claiming your vehicle

Before you can claim your vehicle, you must pay the release fee.

This fee includes towing costs, which are based on the:

  • location of the vehicle
  • associated costs that the department has incurred.

The owner of the vehicle can get more information about the fee at the time of enquiry.

Damage during towing

Care is always taken when removing vehicles.

However, an officer is not liable for any damage they cause when entering or moving the vehicle.

Last updated: 30 August 2022

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