Abandoned and stolen vehicles


If you want to report or move an abandoned or stolen vehicle, you must follow the steps below.

Report a stolen vehicle

Call the police on 131 444 to report a stolen vehicle. If the crime is currently in process you should call 000.

You can get the contact information for individual police stations on the NT Police website.

Report or move an abandoned vehicle

The process for reporting or removing a vehicle depends on where it is located.

You must contact the relevant competent authority.

A competent authority is a person or organisation that is legally authorised to remove a vehicle.

For example, if a vehicle has been abandoned on:

  • council property - you must contact your local council
  • Aboriginal land - you must contact the land council in that area.

The Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) is not responsible for removing abandoned vehicles and cannot give legal advice.

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Last updated: 20 April 2020

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