Transport subsidy schemes

How to use your electronic smartcard

The electronic smartcard stores your name, photo, card number, subsidy amount and card expiry date.

Each time the smartcard is used your subsidy balance will be updated.

How to use your electronic smartcard

Follow these steps to use your smartcard: 

Step 1. When you arrive at your destination, hand your smartcard to the driver.

Step 2. The driver will use the card on a EFTPOS terminal.

Step 3. Once the transaction is complete, ask the driver for a receipt which will show the new subsidy balance. It is your responsibility to check the details, and that the correct fare has been charged.

Step 4. After the journey you must remember to take your smartcard with you.

You can ask the driver to check your smartcard balance prior to your journey. 

If EFTPOS system is not working 

If the EFTPOS system is unavailable, the equipment in the vehicle has failed or the smartcard is not working the driver can use a paper based back-up system. 

These are called emergency dockets.

Emergency dockets will not be used if membership is cancelled, has expired or has insufficient funds.

Refunds can be given for travel while a card is faulty. 

A receipt is required from the driver for a refund to be processed. If you can't produce your smartcard at any time you will have to pay the full fare.

If you lose or damage your smartcard

If your smartcard is lost, stolen or damaged you must notify the transport subsidy scheme office

The office will cancel the lost card and order a new one. This process takes about 10 to 14 working days.

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Last updated: 17 February 2020

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