Getting around with a disability

Transport subsidy scheme

  • Introduction
    Guide to taxi subsidy schemes available in the NT for people with a disability, including the taxi subsidy scheme and the lift incentive scheme.
  • Apply for the transport subsidy scheme
    This page has information on how to apply for the taxi subsidy scheme in the NT, including your eligibility requirements and how to complete your application form.
  • How to use your electronic smartcard
    This page has information about the electronic smartcard for the NT taxi subsidy scheme. It also includes instructions on how to use your smartcard in a taxi.
  • Information for drivers on electronic smartcards
    This page has information for taxi operators and drivers about how to use the electronic smartcard for passengers who are members of the NT taxi subsidy scheme. It includes information on what to do if an EFTPOS machine or card is not working.
  • Information for drivers on lift incentive scheme
    This page has information for taxi drivers about the payment of the lift incentive scheme. This scheme is for passengers with a disability in the NT.
  • Interstate travel
    If you are travelling interstate, you may request interstate vouchers through the taxi subsidy scheme. You can also use the smartcard if you are travelling with friends and family.