Apply for permit to work within a government managed road

If you're a developer who is planning any development work that will impact a Northern Territory Government (NT) managed road, you must apply for a permit first.

If you're unsure if your development is on an NT Government managed road, check roads managed by the NT Government.

Before you apply

You should read the development guidelines PDF (3.4 MB).

It outlines the process you must follow when applying for a permit, including the:

  • development application process
  • developer responsibilities
  • works acceptance process
  • forms
  • definition of terms.

Approval process

Your application will be assessed depending on the development type.

For major developments, read the major developments approval process flowchart DOCX (258.7 KB).

For minor developments, read the minor developments approval process flowchart DOCX (285.9 KB).

Minor developments include:

  • a single access point for your residential property onto an NT Government road
  • a single storm water connection into the NT Government storm water collection system.

How to apply

To apply, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in the relevant forms in the guidelines and must also:

Step 2. Submit your forms by emailing

After you apply

If you get a permit, you must contact the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics before you start your development.

The department can help you through the process.


To arrange a meeting with the department or if you have any questions or feedback, email or call 08 8924 7252.

Last updated: 14 July 2021

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