Naming of places, roads and infrastructure

The Place Names Committee is the authority that recommends names for places, roads, parks, natural features and road based infrastructure such as bridges in the Northern Territory (NT).

When considering a name, the committee will follow established rules and guidelines and consult with interested parties and local government.

Names are official when they are approved by the minister and registered in the NT Place Names Register.

For more information about this process go to the Place Names Committee website or Place Names Act 1967.

You can search for information on names on the NT Place Names Register website.

Proposing a name

For any proposals to name a place, road, feature or structure you should contact the Place Names Committee by emailing or call 08 8995 5334.

To nominate a person's name for future use, go to Place Names Online to submit a request.

Property and street addresses

For information on how addresses are created and how to apply to name streets in new subdivisions or Aboriginal communities go to the property and street addresses page.

Last updated: 07 March 2019

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