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Innovative vehicle combinations are heavy road combinations.

They use approved or complying trailer components to transport goods in a more efficient way. They must use the right combination without compromising safety.

Innovative vehicles operate under a permit of exemption. A general exemption is place for BAB and ABB quad combinations.

Find out what type of combination your innovative vehicle combination fits into under 'before you apply'.

Types of innovative combination

BAB and ABB Quad innovative vehicle combinations:

'Quad' refers to the number of trailers in the combination – not number of axles within an axle group.

A BAB-Quad is B-double towing a dolly converter towing two semi-trailers.

An ABB-Quad is an articulated vehicle towing a dolly converter towing three semi-trailers.

These specific innovative vehicle combinations are approved to operate within the NT without the requirement for a permit of exemption.

BAB and ABB Quads must still comply with all road train rating requirements.

Proposed new innovative vehicle combinations

All new proposed innovative vehicle combinations are required to:

If your innovative combination has some dimensions that don't fit with the national standards, it may still be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis.

You must show that these dimensions don't affect the combination's on-road performance.

Existing and in-service innovative vehicle combinations

Existing approved combinations currently operating under permits of exemption in the Northern Territory (NT) may continue to operate, as long as the combination's configuration remains unchanged and dynamic performance remains satisfactory.

Any proposed changes to your existing combination must be approved by the MVR and they must not affect the combination's dynamic performance.

You may need to:

  • get a dynamic performance report
  • and undertake an on-road assessment of the combination.

You may be allowed to use a substitute vehicle – such as a prime mover or trailer – as a substitute for short term or maintenance purposes. You need to ensure that the substitute unit of the combination has the same performance ratings and dimensions.

You will need complete an application to operate innovative combination, including all of the following:

  • a detailed drawing of the proposed combination
  • intended use
  • intended routes of travel
  • any loading concessions sought.

Application to operate innovative combination PDF (871.4 KB)

Interstate registered and approved combinations must present proof of approval to operate in their home state (permit to operate).

You must mail your completed application form and other documents to:

Registrar of Motor Vehicles via the Senior Engineering Officer
GPO Box 2520
Darwin NT 0801

You can also submit your application form in person at a MVR office.

Further step for approval

You will be notified in writing if your application has been accepted.

If it is successful and your vehicle combination has been endorsed to proceed, you then need to supply a dynamic performance simulation report.

This is a report on performance measures including, but not necessarily limited to, those measures that are primarily associated with the high speed dynamic performance.

The simulation must also include a comparison with a high productivity (non-permit) base-line vehicle combination for the particular commodity carried.

More information

For more information get a copy of V33 Innovative vehicle combinations PDF (1.3 MB).

Last updated: 11 December 2018

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