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Changes to interpreter services

On-site and face-to-face interpreter services have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Contact the Aboriginal Interpreter Service to discuss your appointment needs.

You can book an Aboriginal language interpreter to work anytime - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Before you book

Before you book, you should note all of the following.

  • Interpreting services include on-site, phone, video, scripting and recordings. AIS does not assist with translating written documents.
  • Except in emergencies, booking requests must be made at least two days before the appointment and are processed between 8am and 4:20pm, Monday to Friday.
  • If your request is urgent, book an interpreter by calling AIS on 1800 334 944.
  • Jobs in remote communities require a minimum of one week's notice.
  • Make sure you fill in the form completely to avoid unnecessary delays when sourcing an interpreter.
  • You will receive a booking receipt email when the request is entered into the database.
  • You will receive confirmation by phone or email when an interpreter has been sourced for your request.
  • Call AIS if you need to change an existing booking, or if you have any issues in relation to a booking. You will need to quote the job number provided in the confirmation email you receive.

You will need to provide all of the following information:

  • name of the organisation and section asking for the service
  • name of the non-English speaker who needs an interpreter
  • name, skin name, age and gender of the Aboriginal person who needs the interpreter
  • Aboriginal language to be interpreted and its community of origin
  • address, date and time the service is needed
  • topic of the interpreting assignment.

The information helps the Aboriginal Interpreter Service to find a culturally appropriate interpreter, prepare the interpreter for the assignment and avoid any last-minute conflicts of interest that could cancel the assignment.

On-site, phone and video interpreting

To book, follow these steps.

Step 1. Fill in the interpreter booking request form.

Interpreter booking request form PDF (296.5 KB)
Interpreter booking request form DOCX (158.8 KB).

Step 2. Email the form to or fax it to 08 8923 7621.

Interpreter services after hours

Call the 1800 334 944 to book an interpreter for urgent matters outside of business hours.

Scripting and recording assignment

To book, follow these steps.

Step 1. Fill in the interpreter booking request for scripting and recording jobs form PDF (100.9 KB).

Step 2. Email the form to or fax it to 08 8923 7621.

Read more about Aboriginal language recording projects.

You must brief the interpreter about the topic they will be interpreting for you.

This can be done in person or over the phone.

At the end of each interpreting assignment, you will receive an email to confirm if the assignment was completed by the interpreter.

You should respond as soon as possible to ensure the interpreter is paid on time.

If the job is complete

If the job is complete, you must either:

  • reply to the email with the job start and end times, including any feedback, or
  • fill in an AIS timesheet PDF (240.5 KB) and email it to Include the word 'timesheet' and the job number in your email subject line.

Your timesheet must be an accurate record of the interpreting time.

You also need to include any travel, travel time and lunch breaks.

You will be charged based on the hours submitted on the timesheet.

If the job is not complete

If the job is not complete, reply to the outcome email and explain why.

If the interpreter attended the job, but the job was unable to proceed as planned, a cancellation fee will apply.

The Aboriginal Interpreter Service will organise all travel and transport arrangements for interpreters.

You will have to pay fees and interpreter travel and transport costs when the interpreter has finished the job. Read more about Aboriginal interpreter service fees.

It will be given to you in an invoice.

You must email at least 24 hours before the interpreting job was supposed to start.

If you don't give the interpreting service 24 hours notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

This fee will be the minimum charge for the service that you booked:

  • $140 for on-site and video interpreting
  • $35 for telephone interpreting
  • $100 for scripting services.

The above fees do not include GST.

Last updated: 18 May 2022

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