Adopting a child from the NT

Unless exceptional circumstances exist, if you wish to adopt a child in the Northern Territory (NT), you must be:

  • an NT resident
  • in a relationship (either married or de-facto)
  • between 25 and 40 years older than the child you wish to adopt, or up to 45 years older if you have care and custody of another child.

If you're single

If you're single, you may be able to adopt a child in exceptional circumstances.

The adoption must be in the best interests of the child.

You will be assessed for your suitability including whether you're already known to the child or are well-equipped to meet the child's needs.

How to register your interest

To register you interest in adopting a child, follow these steps:

Step 1: Fill in the form

Fill in an expression of interest form as the first official step in the adoption process:

expression of interest form PDF (589.4 KB)

expression of interest form DOCX (62.1 KB).

You must also declare:

  • that you have not had a previous adoption registration cancelled or rejected
  • a child has not been removed from your care
  • you have not been convicted of an offence involving abuse or abduction of a child
  • you're mentally and physically capable of caring for a child.

Step 2: Submit the form

Submit the completed form by mail or email the Adoption Unit.

The Adoption Unit will then contact you and make an appointment to discuss your circumstances.

More information

For more information, read the adopting a child in the NT fact sheet PDF (482.0 KB) or contact the Adoption Unit at any time to discuss your application.

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Last updated: 27 October 2020

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