Renting in a caravan park

Resident responsibilities

This page has information for caravan park residents in the Northern Territory (NT). 

As a caravan park resident you have certain responsibilities. If you do not meet your responsibilities, the caravan park operator may end your occupancy agreement

General behaviour

You must not do any of the following at the caravan park: 

  • use the caravan park for illegal purposes
  • cause or permit a nuisance
  • alter, remove or add a lock without the operator's consent and without a reasonable excuse - if you do alter a lock you must give a key to the operator within two business days
  • interfere with others' peace or privacy
  • alter the premises without written consent from the operator.


You must pay rent as agreed.

Repairs, maintenance and damage

Notify your operator in writing of any repairs, maintenance or damage. 

You must also:

  • maintain the premises in a reasonably clean condition
  • not cause or permit damage to the premises - including common areas.

Selling and subletting

Sell a caravan

Notify your operator in writing if you plan to sell your caravan. You can then display a for sale sign on or in the caravan or site.

Sublet a caravan or caravan site

Get approval from your operator to sublet a caravan or caravan site. You also need approval to assign your interest in the agreement property to someone else. 

If you want to sublet or assign your interest, you should do both of the following:

  • apply to your operator and supply the name of the person to whom you want to sublet or assign your interest
  • give your operator the same information about the person as you were required when entering into your occupancy agreement. 

Vacant premises

Tell your operator in writing if your premises will be vacant for more than 30 days.

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Last updated: 16 October 2015

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