Renting in a caravan park

Rent and caravan parks

This page has information about rent for caravan park residents in the Northern Territory (NT).

Rent records and receipts

You should keep all rent payment receipts. These are evidence that you have paid rent.

The operator is also required to keep a written record of each rent payment. You can examine this record on request.

The details of how, where and how often you pay rent must be listed in your occupancy agreement or otherwise documented. 

Receipts for rent paid in cash

If your pay your rent in cash, the operator must immediately give you a receipt.

Receipts for rent paid by cheque

If you pay rent by cheque, the operator must give you a receipt within three days of you requesting one.

Receipts for rent paid directly into the operator's bank account

No receipts are required for rent paid directly into the operator's bank account.

Paying rent in advance

An operator cannot ask you to pay rent in advance of more than one rental period. 

They also cannot ask you to pay rent in advance of the following rental period until:

  • the current rental period ends
  • you have paid for the current rental period. 

Rent increases

Rent can only be increased during your occupancy if the right to do so is listed in your occupancy agreement. The agreement must also state:

  • the amount of the increase
  • how it is calculated.

The operator must give you at least 30 days notice in writing before increasing your rent. This does not apply to rent that adjusts seasonally as outlined in the occupancy agreement.

Rent cannot be increased in the first six months of your occupancy, or more often than every six months. 

Rent reductions

Rent can be reduced if:

  • the right to do so is listed in your occupancy agreement
  • you and the operator agree to reduce rent.

If you do agree to reduce rent, put the agreement in writing and make sure you and the operator sign.

Temporary rent reductions

Rent reductions can also be temporary. At the end of the specified period the rent will go back to the regular amount.

Excessive rent

If you are a resident under caravan park agreement and believe the rent is excessive you can lodge an application with the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

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Last updated: 05 February 2016

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