Find out about rental agreements, costs and what your rights and responsibilities are as a renter.

  • Abandoned goods
    What happens when a tenant leaves goods behind in a rental property.
  • Breaking a lease early
    What happens when you need to break a lease early, including what the landlord must do.
  • When you are owed bond money
    What happens to your bond money after you move out of a rented property, including how to find lost bond money.
  • Boarders, lodgers and tenants
    Rights and responsibilities of boarders, lodgers and tenants explained.
  • Renting in a caravan park
    Living in a caravan park, paying rent, repairs and your responsibilities as a caravan park resident.
  • Share houses
    Information on share houses, including being a cotenant, subtenant and laws about subletting.
  • Types of rental agreements
    Information on the types of rental agreements you can sign as a tenancy, including fixed term and periodic.