Who can apply for public housing

If you want to apply for public housing, there are conditions you must meet.  

You must have an independent source of income and one of the following:

  • Australian citizenship
  • permanent residency status
  • special category visa that apply to New Zealanders
  • temporary protection visa.

If you own or partly own a residential property

You can't apply for public housing if you own or partly own a house or unit in Australia.

There may be an exception if you owned a home before and it was part of a settlement due to a relationship breakdown. 

If you are under 16

You must be 16 years of age or over, but there may be an exception made if you under 16 years old.

You can discuss with your local housing office.


If you are on the public housing list, you must live in NT.

You can travel for holidays or to receive medical treatment.

You must tell your housing office each time you travel and why. 

If you have a debt

If you already owe money to the Department of Housing your application may still be accepted if you are making regular repayments.

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Last updated: 22 June 2018