Apply for public housing

Types of public housing

If you apply for public housing you may also be offered a referral to community housing or managed and supported accommodation.

This is housing that is managed by community organisations.

Housing sizes

A range of public housing is available in major centres throughout the Northern Territory. 

They range in sizes and types, including purpose-built and modified housing for people with disabilities.  

The department will check to make sure the accommodation provided remains appropriate for the size of your household. 

You may be allocated a larger home to accommodate medical needs or parent-child access arrangements. 

If you are pregnant you will be wait-listed for the type and size of house you will be entitled to when your child is born. 

Sometimes if your needs and entitlements have changed, you may need to transfer to another public housing property. 

Where you can live

You can apply to live in a specific town or area but generally you will not be able to choose a specific suburb.

Consideration will be given to issues such as proximity to schools and public transport for work or medical reasons.

Some public housing complexes are also made available for specific groups such as seniors or tenants on a disability pension.

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Last updated: 26 October 2015

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