Hire a pest management technician

Sometimes you may have pest problems that are too big or specialised for you to manage yourself. For these jobs, you may need to hire a pest management technician.

If you hire a pest management technician to treat your home or business, you must make sure the operator is licensed so they are qualified to complete the work.

Licensing pest management technicians is designed to protect you, the environment and the technician from the harmful effects of pesticides.

Benefits of licensed pest management technicians

Without a licence, it is illegal to use a schedule 5, 6 or 7 pesticide in pest control operations for fee or reward.

A licensed pest management technician should be able to:

  • identify the pest and its habitat
  • determine the best pest management plan
  • apply, handle and store pesticides safely
  • provide information and advice about the pesticides they use
  • have the appropriate insurances to cover you, your property and employees
  • be able to answer any questions.

Checklist: choosing a licensed pest management technician

When you hire a licensed pest management technician you should:

  • check the pest management technician holds a current licence in the Northern Territory (NT)
  • get several quotes
  • ask neighbours or friends who might be able to recommend services
  • disclose any special conditions such as pregnancy, small children and pets
  • ask questions on what preparations you need to make before the treatment, such as putting away clutter, covering items, removing items from kitchen cabinets or keeping pets and children away from the area
  • if you have questions about the pesticide, ask for a safety data sheet.

Get more information about pest management licences.

NT pest management technician licence register

View the current list of registered pest management technicians in the table below, as at 15 July 2021.

You can also ask a technician for a copy of their licence.

Some licences restrict a technician to using specified chemicals only.

Pest Management TechnicianLicence NoExpiry Date
Aaron Joseph HealeyH2113320/05/2022
Aaron Roy PalazziE437PMT09/01/2022
Adam Geoffrey BowenPMTVT00228/10/2023
Adrian Cristopher OgleD240PMT21/01/2024
Alexandrine TagboPMT64112/12/2021
Andrew Gerald StrohD291PMT30/09/2022
Andrew James BilskeK257PMT12/09/2023
Andrew James RussellD4118PMT10/10/2023
Andrew Mark CritchleyPMT59306/02/2024
Anthony James GarrettH1904002/10/2022
Anthony Thomas HandK213PMT21/08/2022
Barry Allan LovettD345PMT12/11/2021
Benjamin John StaffordD507PMT27/06/2022
Bradley James ClarkeA504PMT21/08/2022
Braedon EarleyH2009912/08/2021
Brendan John ConnorD563PMTa14/12/2023
Brenton Keith WarePMT60206/06/2022
Brett AngwinPMT62601/05/2022
Calvin Shane FlynnD223PMT12/06/2022
Cameron KeatingsH2111805/01/2022
Cameron Wade CurranD528PMT05/06/2022
Cassandra LingA370PMT27/06/2023
Chip ParryD328PMT23/06/2023
Christian Di MuroH2112920/04/2022
Christine MandallD334PMT14/02/2022
Christopher Adam WhitingK565PMT16/02/2023
Christopher James CookH2007808/04/2024
Christopher James HeydonK477PMT27/03/2022
Christopher Peter MurdockK461PMT18/11/2023
Clint John NibbsPMTF62812/06/2023
Craig Edward FauntH2007429/03/2022
Damian Thomas RalphD419PMT08/10/2021
Daniel John Geoffrey MurdenD542PMT19/01/2023
Darcy Mauree RaggattPMT59908/05/2022
David BoldD4661PMT05/05/2022
David CombeD540F18/12/2022
David HamiltonH2112025/01/2022
David John SuterE37PMT28/05/2022
David William CossonsPMT63928/11/2021
Dayne Kyle WilsonPMT60113/05/2022
Dean Bruce MorrisonD523PMT25/10/2022
Douglas Allan StanesD249PMT23/06/2022
Ernest John GilesD312PMT24/11/2021
Ewen JefferyH1905619/12/2021
Frederick Duncan MccoyD404PMT02/11/2023
Gary CooperPMT63615/10/2021
Gatwech NhialH1901323/05/2023
Gentry CarlowH2011013/11/2023
Georgina Louise MilnerPMT61807/03/2023
Grahame John DeppelerE468PMT01/07/2024
Hardeep SinghPMT63122/06/2023
Howard George LivermoreD424PMT24/05/2022
Ian David TelfordPMT59618/04/2024
Ian Edward HullD496PMT10/08/2022
Isaac Herbert WaltonPMT64219/12/2021
Jacob Leigh ParryD551PMT14/05/2022
James David Richard WheelerD383PMT08/09/2023
Jamie John MoellerPMT61206/12/2021
Jason Andrew WarrenD558PMT02/09/2022
Jason Matthew SmithD368PMT12/05/2023
Jason Robert LawD573PMT23/06/2022
Jean RadPMT64409/01/2024
Jesse CarletonH2006303/04/2024
Jim LeachD289PMT05/07/2022
Joe Junior AshleyH1902523/07/2021
John Alan MurdenD421PMT27/06/2022
John Andrew PriceD40PMT27/06/2023
John Patrick BurkeK473PMT06/06/2023
John TyneA512PMTV01/03/2023
Jonathan Edward MahonyD423PMT01/07/2024
Jordan MarsdenH2007709/04/2022
Jordan WilliamsH2011511/01/2023
Joshua Brennan Lowing BurroughsH2010911/11/2021
Joshua FinnH2112418/03/2022
Joshua James Scott-ParryD296PMT24/11/2022
Karl YoungerPMT59404/03/2022
Kevin Edward WilliamsD263PMT11/08/2024
Kieran DwyerD427PMT17/06/2022
Kobi McgrathH2112519/03/2022
Kristopher JonesPMT62517/04/2022
Krisztofer BukiD555PMT29/05/2023
Kyle James CARLETONPMT60307/06/2024
Lawrence John ParryD51PMT26/08/2021
Luca BergaminD583PMT21/11/2021
Luke BaguleyPMTF64309/01/2022
Mario SavvasD420PMT02/02/2023
Mark John HaynesD456PCO19/10/2022
Mark John LingA315PMT14/03/2024
Mark Roland Ernest PavyD89PMT03/02/2024
Martin EvansH1905509/12/2023
Mathew StevensH2113106/05/2022
Matthew EllisH2113702/06/2024
Matthew John LongH2011125/11/2021
Mervyn John FisherH2112814/04/2022
Michael Brian FreemanH2010103/09/2021
Michael Gerard De JongA505PMT05/09/2022
Michael James HalfordH2011409/12/2022
Michael John BellA512PMT13/10/2022
Mitchell Peter Ambrose-PearceD527PMT04/04/2022
Murray John PetersenD553PMT29/05/2023
Nathan GlazebrookPMT63816/10/2021
Nathan JaffreyPMT63517/09/2022
Neil Ross HardingK302PMT07/08/2022
Neil Thomas EdwardsD538PMT02/12/2021
Nicholas James BilskeK566PMT19/08/2023
Paul Anthony Hugh JonesD395PMTF30/08/2022
Paul JohnstonH2009811/08/2022
Paul Robert DoddE086PMT07/03/2022
Peter Allan KreymborgD405PMT08/09/2022
Peter Frank HoschkeD525PMT06/01/2024
Peter John McintyreD470PMT28/07/2021
Peter John RooksD591PMT20/01/2023
Peter Richard MowatD429PMT13/09/2021
Quinn Asher LengyelH1905215/11/2023
Rex SymesD388PMT17/03/2022
Riki Garry FultonPMT65002/04/2022
Riley ChirgwinH2010318/09/2021
Robert George MasonD463PMT08/02/2023
Robert Jonathan D'HooghePMT64929/03/2023
Robert Lee JonesH2010530/09/2021
Ruediger MoellerPMT62213/04/2022
Russell Eric KrugerD455PMT22/09/2022
Sandra Lorelle YeePMT59724/04/2022
Scott HollingworthH1904525/10/2023
Shaun Michael CornwellD574PMT01/08/2023
Simon Geoffrey DelarueD577PMT14/07/2022
Simon James ShawD438PMT28/06/2022
Stephen Morgan HurnA499PMTV30/08/2022
Steven Barry BudarickK155PMT04/03/2023
Stuart James OxfordD412PMT16/03/2023
Thomas James BurgessH2113220/05/2022
Tim Dlugi GibbonsA494PMT20/12/2022
Timothy TresloveD426PMT09/05/2022
Trena SmithD563PMT10/12/2022
Troy Anton MinnettH2007915/04/2022
William Douglas GreenPMTVT00301/09/2021
William Edward ClarkPMTF64029/11/2021
William Ross PhillipsA459PMT09/09/2021
Xavier LongmairH2113420/05/2022


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Last updated: 15 July 2021

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