Hire a pest management technician

Sometimes you may have pest problems that are too big or specialised for you to manage yourself. For these jobs you may need to hire a pest management technician.

If you hire a pest management technician to treat your home or business you must make sure the operator is licensed so they are qualified to complete the work.

Licensing pest management technicians is designed to protect you, the environment and the technician from the harmful effects of pesticides.

Benefits of licensed pest management technicians

Without a licence, it is illegal to use a Schedule 5, 6 or 7 pesticide in pest control operations for fee or reward.

A licensed pest management technician should be able to:

  • identify the pest and its habitat
  • determine the best pest management plan
  • apply, handle and store pesticides safely
  • provide information and advice about the pesticides they use
  • have the appropriate insurances to cover you, your property and employees
  • be able to answer any questions.

Checklist: choosing a licensed pest management technician

When you hire a licensed pest management technician you should:

  • check the pest management technician holds a current licence in the Northern Territory
  • get several quotes
  • ask neighbours or friends who might be able to recommend services
  • disclose any special conditions such as pregnancy, small children and pets
  • ask questions on what preparations you need to make before the treatment, such as putting away clutter, covering items, removing items from kitchen cabinets or keeping pets and children away from the area
  • if you have questions about the pesticide, ask for a Safety Data Sheet.

Get more information about pest management licences.

NT pest management technician licence register

View the current list of registered pest management technicians.

You can also ask a technician for a copy of their licence.

Some licences restrict a technician to using specified chemicals only.


For more information contact Medicines and Poisons Control

Last updated: 18 November 2019

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